December 4th lesson

Dear students,
For today's lesson, please be ready to deliver your survey presentation on language or language learning.
Ideally, your presentation should include 1) your question(s) and the reason you chose it or them, 2) the purpose of your survey, including background information, 3) who you chose to interview, and why, 4) the results of your data, and 5) an interpretation of your data with respect to relevance, reliability, and scope. Your presentation may be better if you show a graph or chart of your results. If you wish, you may use powerpoint.

If you have already finished preparing for your presentation on language and would like to look ahead, our next topic will be human rights. Please read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and choose a case study to summarize to members of your class.
The UDHR and case studies can be found at

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin