October 22nd lesson (not the 15th, sorry!)

Dear students,
Today you have your first of four class presentation assignments. You should speak for at least three minutes each, and I will provide feedback for each group. Individually, I will mark holistically and give you feedback as a score out of ten. Furthermore, you should aim to pass each of the eight criteria that I told you about in a previous lesson.
One other point is please state your sources. You do not necessarily need to write like a thesis, but you do need to tell your audience where you got your information from. This will add credibility to your presentation and help the audience tell what is your opinion and what is someone else's.
I hope all will go well today.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Dear students,
There is no class on the 15th October, sorry.
My post originally had the 15th as the date, but that was a mistake!