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July 7th Final Presentations

Dear students,
Today and July 14th, you will deliver your final five-minute presentation. It is unfair on others if you are not ready for today; therefore please all be ready. If you are not ready, you will be penalized.
The topic of your final presentation is anything you want - free.
You must speak for at least five minutes.
Your presentation is solo.
You should say something that the audience would like to hear; be new and interesting.
The order of your speeches will be random.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin


  1. I'm Sumire Ishida. I'm major in management . Today I can't go to school because I have a fever since yesterday. So I would like to presentation in next week. I'm sorry.
    PS. I don't know your email address so I sent this comment . I'm sorry.


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