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Welcome to Chris Elvin's Presentation Class - Rikkyo Ikebukuro Campus

English Presentation I (Spring, 2016)
Chris Elvin

Day / Time: Tuesday Period 1
Classroom:  X103
Class Code: FK309

Course Description & Objectives
This course is designed primarily to improve students’ presentation skills and thereby to develop their integrative English language proficiency. In spring the goal is to acquire basic presentations skills, including how to organize a presentation, supporting arguments with evidence, effective use of visual aids, and aspects of delivery such as eye contact or gesture.  Students base their presentations on the basic patterns taught and learn to speak from notes. More skilled students make longer persuasive presentations as the term progresses.  The class is conducted in English.

Course Schedule:

Week 1       (April 12th)   Orientation and Topic Selection
Week 2       (April 19th)   Presentation Skills Overview
Week 3       (April 26th)   Topic I
Week 4       (May 10th)    Presentation I (10 points)
Week 5       (May 17th)    Topic II
Week 6       (May 24th)    Presentation II (10 points)
Week 7       (May 31st)    Topic III
Week 9       (June 7th)     Presentation III (10 points)
Week 9       (June 14th)   Topic IV
Week 10      (June 21st)   Presentation IV (10 points)
Week 11      (June 28th)   Final presentation preparation
Week 12      (July 5th)      Final presentation preparation
Week 13      (July 12th)    Final presentation part 1
                                    (30 points): A 5-minute solo presentation
Week 14      (July 19th)    Final presentation part 2
Attendance and participation (30%)
Assignments - four in-class presentations (40%)
Final presentation (30%)

*Students will be expected to attend a minimum of 80% of all classes in order to get credit for to this course. This means that you can be absent no more than three times. Do not be late, please. If you miss one class presentation assessment, you will automatically drop a grade.
This semester`s topics are: communication, education, social issues, environment, technology, and values.

Required Textbook:
LeBeau, C., & Harrington, D. (2009). Speaking of speech. Oxford, UK: Macmillan.



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