November 29th lesson

Dear students,
Your fourth topic is gender. Before you start preparing your next presentation, you will try to discover the gender of your brain with an activity that you should print out and bring to class:
What gender is your brain?
After this has finished, please work in pairs or alone. If you are a pair, you should work together and present about the same topic. Show me your map, storyboard slides and English, if you wish. Your speech will be in two weeks time, so there will be plenty of time to get ready. Here is a checklist of things that you should remember about presenting:
  • make lots of eye contact to your audience (If you ignore them, they will ignore you.)
  • show charts, images, and maps
  • explain your slides well
  • don't read your slides
  • do your research
  • think critically
  • be interesting
  • show enthusiasm for your topic
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin