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Welcome to Chris Elvin's Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus Presentation Class

Dear students,
Welcome to the course.
This semester you will deliver four three-minute minimum per person group presentations (4 times 10 points each) and one five-minute minimum solo presentation as a final assignment (worth 30 points). Please come to all classes; You need to be present a minimum of 80 percent of the time to pass the course. Attendance is worth 40 percent of your final grade. If you are absent on a presentation day, you will, of course, lose 10 points and therefore drop a grade. If you are very late or willfully late for class, you will be considered absent.

The topics that we may present about this semester are as follows:

Fashion and Design
Human Rights

Today you will choose the first topic from above.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin


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