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December 20 lesson

Dear students,Today is your final presentation. You should talk for between six and eight minutes on the chosen topic of globalization. Your speech represents 30 points toward your final grade. Kind regards, Chris

December 13 lesson

Dear students,For today's lesson, please prepare your final 6-8 minute speech. You should start working on this before the lesson. Please show me your outline and essay in class. Kind regards, Chris

November 29 lesson

Dear students,For homework you should read about globalization beforehand or bring a globalization text (for example, Wikipedia) to class. Please download the pair worksheet and complete half before coming to class. globalization worksheet After that, you should start to plan your final presentation. Kind regards, Chris Elvin

November 15 lesson

Dear students,Please bring an article(s) about human rights that you would like to present in class. For this assignment, you may work in groups if you wish. (Working alone is also fine). In today's lesson, first draw your map or write your outline, then write your introduction notes (what, why, overview), and finally write your body and conclusion points. For this presentation, I would like you to focus on fluency, so try to write notes, not a whole essay. When you deliver your speech, you should refer to your notes, which should be a list of your main points. Please show me this in class. Kind regards, Chris Elvin

November 8 lesson

Today we will start a new topic, human rights. Please try to find an interesting article about human rights and bring it to class. Here are some suggestions:1) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
2) the death penalty3) human rights in Japan (Ainu, foreigners' rights etc.) 4) human rights in the United States (Abu Ghraib prison abuse, waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay) 5) human rights and culture 6) animal rights 7) other (please suggest) For this project, I would like you to work in teams of two or three people. Please try to choose a topic early. Kind regards, Chris Elvin

October 25 lesson

Dear students,Today, you will deliver a 10-point presentation on language. You may use Powepoint or show information on posters. You will be judged on content and delivery. Please be ready! Kind regards, Chris Elvin

September 27 Lesson homework

Dear students,Today you talked about your English learning experiences. Please write a multi-paragraph essay based on those experiences. I will look at them next lesson. Also, please keep your essay and hand it in on the last day of the semester. These homework assignments will allow me to assess your participation score. Kind regards, Chris Elvin PS. Please also remember to choose a topic within language to research, and bring your web pages and materials to class so that you can prepare a presentation.

September 27 Lesson

Dear students,Today we will brainstorm ideas about learning language. Your first presentation will be on an aspect of learning language (not necessarily English). Please think about this before you come to class. Please also download a help sheet to help you with the language you may wish to use in your presentation: . Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Presentation Topics for this autumn semester, and September 27 lesson

The presentation topics for this semester are language, human rights, and globalization. For our next class, please download and read the following articles: Kind regards, Chris Elvin

July 5 lesson

Dear students,Today you will start your final 30 point presentations. You should talk for between 6 and 8 minutes. There will also be a questionnaire for you to fill and hand in. Kind regards, Chris

June 28 lesson

Dear students,Please come to class ready to finish and practice your final presentation on World Cup countries. You should speak for between 6 and 8 minutes. The dates of your final presentation are the last two lessons of the semester, July 5th and July 12th. Kind regards, Chris

June 21 lesson

Dear students,Today we will briefly study the textbook. After that you will start preparing for your final solo presentation (30 points). The theme is the countries of the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup. Ideally, please choose 3 0r 4 subtopics about your country, research them, and bring your resources to class. Best, Chris

June 14 lesson

Dear students, Today is your second speech presentation. You should try to speak for five minutes per person, and you and your group should present at the front of the class.Best, Chris

May 24 lesson

Today is a presentation day. You will be judged on content, organization, accuracy, fluency and delivery. You can earn up to ten points individually, and up to five points for your team score. Please try to talk for about four minutes per person, and please bring a name tag to wear.Kind regards, Chris

May 17 lesson

Today, you will finalize your group slide presentation on the carbon footprint. Please do your research, and collect and bring the materials you need to class.Kind regards, Chris

May 10 lesson

Dear students,For homework, please watch the DVD, effective visuals. Then, alone or in your group (if possible), plan how you will show visuals for your presentation on the carbon footprint. Using the carbon calculator, work out how much carbon is used when you fly, for example, or eat fast food, etc. Finally, plan a survey question. In class, conduct your survey, and then show the results as part of your presentation. Kind regards, Chris Elvin

presentation topics and homework

Our presentation topics for this semester will be 1) environment, 2) communication, 3) technology, and 4) education.By next lesson, please watch the DVDs the informative speech, and the layout speech (relating to pages 16 and 26). Thanks, Chris Elvin