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July 5th lesson

Dear students,
Today is a preparation lesson for your final 5-6 minute presentations which will be held on July 12th and July 19th. You should plan to speak for longer than five minutes, but no longer than six. Everyone should be ready on the 12th, and your names will be called out at random. Those who are not ready when called to present will incur penalty points.
Your topic for your final presentation is countries, which includes historical or fictional nations if you wish. Remember to be new and interesting, to research well, and to think critically. A maximum of thirty points can be awarded for your final presentation, so please make sure to do a good job.
For delivery, you will be assessed on length (5-6 minutes), eye contact, English expressions, and your presentation slides.
For these talks, there is no need to give feedback; just listen, watch and enjoy.
Thank you to those who gave careful and considerate feedback online.

newinterestingresearchedcritical thinking Delive…

June 14th lesson

Dear students,
Today you will deliver your third presentation, which is on technology. From now on the assessment will be holistic (which means it will be judged on many things).
Here are a few guidelines:

Be well prepared.
Plan your speech with a map or outline.
Organize your slides.
Show eye-appealing visuals.
Avoid spelling mistakes on your slides.
Convert any Japanese information to English.
Have a back up (for example; Google drive, and a thumbstick).
Be familiar with the equipment that you plan to use.

Research  your topic.
Think critically.
Say something new and interesting.

Have a professional and positive attitude.
Give much eye contact.
Demonstrate fluency of English by not reading.
Speak clearly, with correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary.
Explain graphs or charts well.

Good luck!
Chris Elvin

Feedback to your classmates

Dear students,
Your presentations have been very good, but unfortunately they are taking more than one lesson to complete. Therefore, from now on, please leave feedback online using the form below. You will be able to read the responses once you have completed the form. (People who don't submit a form will not be able to see the responses).You should submit your form every time you give feedback to a student.

Presentation Feedback Form

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin
PS. The paper feedback that you wrote last week in class should be transferred to the form above.