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July 5 lesson

Dear students,Today you will start your final 30 point presentations. You should talk for between 6 and 8 minutes. There will also be a questionnaire for you to fill and hand in. Kind regards, Chris

June 28 lesson

Dear students,Please come to class ready to finish and practice your final presentation on World Cup countries. You should speak for between 6 and 8 minutes. The dates of your final presentation are the last two lessons of the semester, July 5th and July 12th. Kind regards, Chris

June 21 lesson

Dear students,Today we will briefly study the textbook. After that you will start preparing for your final solo presentation (30 points). The theme is the countries of the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup. Ideally, please choose 3 0r 4 subtopics about your country, research them, and bring your resources to class. Best, Chris

June 14 lesson

Dear students, Today is your second speech presentation. You should try to speak for five minutes per person, and you and your group should present at the front of the class.Best, Chris