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November 21 and November 22 lesson

On Monday November 21st and Tuesday November 22nd, we will begin a new topic; human rights. Please visit Choose a case study, print it out, and bring it to class. Be prepared to talk about your case study with others in the class. Please also print the worksheet, too: Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Presentation Topics

Dear students,The presentation topics for this semeser (in order) are 1) media, 2) globalization, 3) human rights, 4) gender, 5) language, and 6) design / fashion. There will probably not be time to do all 6 topics.
The grading and assessment criteria are organization, content, accuracy, fluency, delivery, critical thinking, and research.
Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Welcome to Chris Elvin's Rikkyo University Presentation blog.

Dear Students,Here is your syllabus for the semester: Course DescriptionThe goal of this course is to improve presentation skills as well as reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.Course Assessment and Grading Criteria30%Attendance and participation40% Class activities30%Final PresentationAttendance and participation 30 points: You are expected to attend ALL classes. Each absence will be penalized by a deduction of 3% from your final grade. If you are late, will be penalized by a deduction of 1% from your final grade. If you are very late, you will be considered absent. Rikkyo University policy is that you must attend 80% of the classes in order to be eligible for a passing grade. Students who are ever-present, positive, cooperative, friendly, and cheerful are likely to score maximum points for this criterion.Class activities 40 points: You will have several class activities that will help you to improve your presentation skills. Some of these activities will be assessed as pa…

Please download

Dear presentation students,Please download the following prints and bring them to class: (Tuesday class, we will look at these prints on June 7th. Monday class, we will look at these prints on June 13th). Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Monday Presentation Class Topics

Dear Students,Our presentation topics for this semester will be 1) technology, 2) environment, 3) social issues, and 4) communication. Please be ready with your outline for your presentation on technology next lesson. Kind regards, Chris Elvin

TUESDAY Class: topics

Dear students,The topics for this semester are 1) environment, 2) social issues, 3) values, and 4) communication. For next lesson, please bring your article(s) to class. Your article should contain all the information you need to prepare an opinion presentation about the environment. Kind regards, Chris Elvin