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December 12th lesson

Dear students,
Today you will prepare for your fourth presentation on language. There will probably not be time to use all three prints below, but please download them and bring them to class anyway.
language 1
language 2
language 3
On the 19th of December, you may present alone or with a partner (your final presentation in January will be solo and a minimum of five minutes).
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

November 28th lesson

Dear students,
Today you will present about globalization. Remember to research, think critically, and to communicate with your eyes. As usual, you should speak for at least three minutes.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

November 21st lesson

Dear students,
Today you will finish your second presentation on human rights. There were some good talks last week, and nearly everybody was able to improve their score from the previous occasion. Mostly, the research was good and the slides professional. What could improve, however, would be eye contact and critical thinking. If you look at the audience, they will take more notice in your presentation, and it is more interesting to hear what your opinion is rather than just having to listen to facts, so please think about that.

After the presentations are finished, you will talk about globalization in randomized groups (I hope that this will make some of you more responsible - sometimes friends are not the ideal partners!)

Please download the prints below and bring them to class.
Globalization 1
Globalization 2

You may find these prints a little difficult, so don't worry if that is the case. Before class try to think about what you might want to research about, think critically ab…