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November 8th lesson

Dear students,
For many of you, your second presentation was better than your first, so congratulations!
There are a few points I would like to mention. First, some of you are perhaps trying to say too much in too little time. You only have three minutes or so, so it is difficult to say much. Keep it simple and let the slides do the talking. Two or three slides per minute is fine. Secondly, if you don't engage with the audience with your eyes, you will fail to impress, so please use your eyes to communicate.
Remember these points:
critical thinking
length of speech
clear, error-free slides
Thank you!

Today, you will talk about globalization, so please download and bring the slides to class.
globalization 1
(You may notice some bias in this text. Please think critically as you read!)
globalization 2
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

October 25th lesson

Dear students,
Today you will present about human rights in groups of three. You should talk for at least three minutes per person. You will be assessed on content (new, interesting, researched, critical thinking) and delivery (eye contact, length, professionalism, enthusiasm).
The quality of your slides is also important, so please make them clear and error free.

Presentation Feedback Form

Presentation feedback Results

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

October 18th lesson

Dear students,
Today you will study about human rights. First you will shadow your partner using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights download below:
After that you will choose one of the articles of the UDHR to research in detail. You may report on a specific case if you wish. For example, see below:
Or you may pursue your own research.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin
1) Your introductions are important; They tell the audience what you will talk about.
2) Remember to research well and think critically. When you present, you will talk for three minutes minimum, give lots of eye contact, have clear informative slides, and show professionalism at all times.