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November 8 lesson

Today we will start a new topic, human rights. Please try to find an interesting article about human rights and bring it to class. Here are some suggestions:1) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
2) the death penalty3) human rights in Japan (Ainu, foreigners' rights etc.) 4) human rights in the United States (Abu Ghraib prison abuse, waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay) 5) human rights and culture 6) animal rights 7) other (please suggest) For this project, I would like you to work in teams of two or three people. Please try to choose a topic early. Kind regards, Chris Elvin

October 25 lesson

Dear students,Today, you will deliver a 10-point presentation on language. You may use Powepoint or show information on posters. You will be judged on content and delivery. Please be ready! Kind regards, Chris Elvin