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May 7th lesson

Today please bring your resources to class in order to prepare for your communication presentations. Your presentation should include some research and some critical thinking.
Good luck!

April 30th lesson

Dear students,
Our four topics for this semester will be communication, environment, social issues, and education.
Today, you will elaborate on last week's topic of your hometown by giving specific details about your three hometown subtopics. These details will make up the body of your speech.
You will also prepare for your communication speeches, so please try to think of a narrow topic within the communication field to do some reasearch and planning. Your speech should include some opinions of the experts and also of your own. At the very least you should have some idea on what your communication topic will be.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Semester topics

Dear students,
Thank you for coming to class today, and thank you for accessing the blog. Next week, we will use the textbook and also choose presentation topics. We will probably have time to do four out of six topics in one semester. The topics are: communication, education, social issues, environment, technology, and values. Ideally, I would like both of my presentation classes to choose the same four topics, as one blog is shared by two classes.
See you next week,
Chris Elvin

Welcome to Chris Elvin's Rikkyo University spring 2013 semester blog.

Hello new students.
Please subscribe to this blog, or access it before class. Sometimes (not every week) I will post messages about class, links, downloads, and other information for your course. If you did not receive a course outline, you may download one here:
Kind regards, Chris Elvin