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September 27 Lesson homework

Dear students,Today you talked about your English learning experiences. Please write a multi-paragraph essay based on those experiences. I will look at them next lesson. Also, please keep your essay and hand it in on the last day of the semester. These homework assignments will allow me to assess your participation score. Kind regards, Chris Elvin PS. Please also remember to choose a topic within language to research, and bring your web pages and materials to class so that you can prepare a presentation.

September 27 Lesson

Dear students,Today we will brainstorm ideas about learning language. Your first presentation will be on an aspect of learning language (not necessarily English). Please think about this before you come to class. Please also download a help sheet to help you with the language you may wish to use in your presentation: . Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Presentation Topics for this autumn semester, and September 27 lesson

The presentation topics for this semester are language, human rights, and globalization. For our next class, please download and read the following articles: Kind regards, Chris Elvin